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If bananas are 30 times sweeter than they used to be (I have seen no evidence of this) our ancestors would have had to eat 900 of them per day to supply the same calories, a daunting challenge when we consider that our ancestors were undoubtedly much more active than we, hence they had much greater caloric needs.
Natural Hygiene, the branch of biology that investigates the conditions upon which health depends, the means by which it may be sustained, and the natural methodologies whereby health is restored when it has been lost or impaired.
All cells are bathed in plasma called interstitial fluid. The circulation of the plasma/lymph depends upon blood circulation and body activity. The poorer the blood circulation, the poorer the plasma/lymph circulation. Likewise, the more pronounced and forceful the blood circulation, and the more vigorous the body activities.
Every one of the ten trillion cells in your body contains thousands of enzymes. Your health is dependent upon having every cell pulling its weight in the task of working together with all the other cells. For the cells to pull their weight, all of their enzymes must be functioning well.
The most healthful food choices are raw/living fruits, vegetables and sprouts with minimal amounts of seeds, and nuts, all fresh from the orchard and garden. Eat only fresh food that tastes delicious. While eating, if the experience or food becomes unappealing or you feel satisfied, stop eating; do not overeat.
Meat. Fire. Manliness. This we know. But there comes a time in a man's life when knowing more than just "meat is good served hot" becomes essential. Learn the basics and beyond as we break down man's best friend. Best friend that we eat, that is.
The staunchest organic proponents have had to concede there was little proof that food grown without pesticides contained higher levels of health-promoting nutrients.
Organic food is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. See below to find organic food stores in Anchorage, AK that give access to organic products such as leafy greens, strawberries, packaged cold cereals, raw nuts, and organic pasta as well as advice and content on the health and environmental benefits of organic food.